Welcome to Hammer Hoppers!

We offer lessons and socials for vintage swing dances Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz, and Balboa. Pay us a visit and we will get you started on the right foot. No experience needed, no partner required. It’s always a good day to learn to dance!

  • 'Casual, friendly atmosphere'
    Bridget, Level 1 Lindy Hop
  • 'I discovered Hammer Hoppers and swing dancing two years ago....I've been having the time of my life ever since....I love the live bands and the inclusiveness of the Swing dance scene....I certainly would encourage everyone to give this a try....I'm sure it will make you very happy...'
    Steve (Hamilton, ON)
  • 'Hammer Hoppers is a fun dance community. I always enjoy dancing to the live bands they have booked, and the Scottish Rite is a wonderful location for dancing and vintage-themed events.'
    Hanksy (Waterloo, ON)
  • 'Since joining Hammer Hoppers two years ago the lesson series and social dancing every six weeks has been a big help to improve my dancing "in the wild" when I go social dancing.'
    Gord, Level 2 Lindy Hop
  • 'Hammer Hoppers is a very friendly place for newcomers, they come up with fantastic, creative events, and there's always so much energy to the evening. A great place for people looking to learn, improve, or just have a blast.'
    Claire (London, ON)
  • 'The classes at Hammer Hoppers offer an easy way into partner dancing. The instructors I have had were all fun and responsive to the variety of learners that come out to dance.'
    Tessa, Level 2 Lindy Hop
  • 'I love coming to the Hammer Hopper dances. It is worth the drive! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming even to the friends that I bring that are just beginning to dance. It really is for everyone!
    Becky (Niagara Falls)