Hammer Hoppers is Hamilton’s own vintage swing dance studio offering lessons and social events for dances such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz, and Balboa. Our mandate is to share the joy of vintage swing dances with Hamiltonian’s through our lessons and to provide quality places for you to enjoy these dances socially to great swing music. At Hammer Hoppers we emphasize inclusiveness, respect, and fun in everything we do.

Vintage swing dancing isn’t everyone’s thing, but we want to offer a place for you to explore these styles of dances comfortably where you can invite friends to challenge themselves and learn something new.

If, however, vintage swing dancing is your thing and you dream it, triple step when you walk, and have more vintage clothes than modern, we also want to ensure you have ample opportunities to enjoy your passion within a supportive community and are continually challenged in a way that is right for you. We strive to achieve this through quality learning environments, exposure to diverse dance repertoires, frequent social dancing opportunities, and by encouraging dancers to take the initiative by getting involved and helping to form the types of dance experiences they seek.

There are still many ways to help grow vintage swing dancing in Hamilton and your help is valuable. Whether you take lessons, tell friends, attend every dance, or simply ‘like’ and share a facebook post, every contribution matters. Thank you for your support and let’s get dancing #HamOnt!