Get Involved!



We can’t offer a great dance community without the help of super passionate volunteers. These are the people you see at the registration table when you arrive at a dance, they put up at that flyer you saw, they welcomed you on your first day, and that’s just on the surface.

If you would like to join our team of awesome volunteers please contact volunteer@hammerhoppers.com or join our volunteers facebook group to find out more about being a part of the team. We want you!


Our every effort at Hammer Hoppers is to allow you the opportunity to enjoy dancing vintage swing dances in Hamilton. Here are a few ways you can contribute towards developing our local dance scene. Let’s make this swing dance thing in Hamilton great – together.


1. PARTICIPATE. Attend dances, because dancing is fun. Organizers put a lot of time into making events happen for your dancing entertainment so dance and enjoy!

2. VOLUNTEER. We are always looking for keeners to help with door shifts and the like.

3. TELL/INVITE YOUR FRIENDS. Help build our dance community by sharing swing dance with the people around you.

4. POSTER THIS TOWN. Grab a poster (or 47) and put some up in your hood.

5. HOST/SPONSOR A FRIDAY NIGHT SOCIAL. Want to bring that amazing theme (philanthropic or otherwise) to life? Talk to us about picking a night and making it yours.

6. SCOPE OUT A NEW BAND. Share with us any cool new bands you hear in and around Hamilton that we may be able to bring to play for one of our dances.

7. REVIEW A NEW VENUE. Hamilton is growing like nuts. If you come across a new venue with a wood floor and space for dancing, don’t keep it a secret, let us know.

8. LEARN TO DJ. Ask about taking a turn at the DJ table and give music playing a spin.

9. TAKE CLASSES. Expand your dance repertoire and ability by joining in a lesson or two and keep us in the loop on what kind of classes you want to take so we can try to offer them.

10. SHARE COMMUNITY EVENTS. There are so many festivals and events happening in Hamilton and there are many different ways we can contribute, but it often requires some forethought and planning. Keep us informed of any new events/opportunities that we can consider getting involved with and get applications in early.

11. DANCE AT COMMUNITY EVENTS. We strive to be an active member of the Hamilton community by collaborating with and supporting local arts initiatives, non-profits, and small businesses. When these opportunities crop up, come on down and dance. Show Hamiltonian’s what swing dance is about and why it is so much fun. The more the merrier!

12. HAVE FUN! Whatever that means to you, just have fun, dancing is fun.

If you have any additional ideas, opportunities, interests, or ways you want to get involved, please feel free to contact Margot at info@hammerhoppers.com and lets try to make it happen.