This is the every person lesson. No experience needed! In this class, we start from scratch assuming participants have never danced before teaching a basic concept/move. Our goal is to have you ready to social dance by the end of the lesson so you can join in the fun. What we teach varies so no class is ever the same.  If you are an experienced dancer, here you can try the other role. Never danced before? This is a good place to test the shimmering waters of dance awesomeness. See you there!


These sessions are open studio space to practice anything you want. Everyone gets something different out of this time. You can social dance with a friend, work through a tricky move, practice a step, ask an instructor a question, teach a friend a new move, explore new dance ideas, or just put in the time to build up that amazing muscle memory. For safety reasons, this space is not appropriate for practicing aerials.


This is where we get started. No experience required. These are progressive series of five weekly lessons where we introduce the fundamentals of rhythm, connection, movement, musicality, and patterns. We strive to give you the confidence and knowledge to tackle the social dance floor and a strong foundation of fundamentals to build your dance mansion on. Join this level any time a new block of lessons starts.


In this level we start to turn the heat up and explore more challenging concepts and sequences. To achieve the greatest success at this level it is important that you have a strong foundation of the fundamentals and are comfortable with basic 6-count lindy hop, 8-count lindy hop, and charleston patterns at medium tempos. Transitioning between these basics may still cause some hiccups but that is where we come in. At this stage, you will be out social dancing at least a few times a month to rock your skills on the dance floor.


Dancers at this level will have been dancing for more than two years, have strong lead/follow skills, social dance regularly, and are looking to continue developing the quality of their movement, rhythm, and connection through more challenging patterns and concepts. Here we will incorporate more nuanced ways of self expression and musicality that complement the partnership while social dancing.


These are independent blocks of five progressive lessons focusing on a particularly fun theme of swing dance.  Themes may include Balboa, Blues, Collegiate Shag, Choreography, Authentic Jazz, and more. Check the Calendar to follow which theme is scheduled. These series themes won’t be offered frequently so join in when they are offered so you don’t miss out. If there is a theme of dance you would just love to see covered let us know and we will see what we can do!


Ever thought about participating in a choreographed routine or creating your own? Well try your hand at learning some choreographed sequences in this special series. This series will allow you to work on the dance skills specific to learning, creating, and performing good choreography for both solo and partnered movement. Not only will you develop your dance skills for choreographed routines but you will also learn cool new patterns to take to the social dances.


We’re going for it! Collegiate shag is a fun high energy partnered dance built for speed. Whether you are new to swing dance or a seasoned lindy hopper collegiate shag will add that extra hop and skip to your step. In this series we will give you the fundamental skills you need to collegiate shag your way through an awesome social dance. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at this demo and see for yourself.


In this series, we will share with you the awesomeness of balboa starting from the basic and quickly progressing to cover the social dance essentials such as lollies, tossouts, out and ins, crossovers and more. Balboa is a great dance on its own, but it will also help develop your partner skills and give you that extra something to pull from when you are out on the dance floor. Check out this video to see what the big deal is. Expand your horizons and give it a try, because we think you might just love it.


Slow things down and drag it out for a blues dance. This dance evolved with blues music in America and embraces free expressive movement in both solo and partnered forms to a variety of tempos. If you start to sway when a blues song comes on, this is the dance for you. Blues dance will help you to dance to all types of music, and helps improve connection, partnering, musicality, and improvisation. Check out this demo to see what blues dance is about.


This is a choreographed round dance inspired by the salsa rueda. Dancers learn a series of Lindy Hop moves which are performed in a circle while a caller calls the next move, and with moves like ‘the amoeba’, you are guaranteed to have fun with this dance. Like other social dance choreography, no partner is needed, as dancers change partners throughout the dance. For this series, to ensure safe navigation of the circle, dancers must already be confident dancing a swing out.


Rock ‘n’ Roll is one of the many dances that came out of the swing era during the late 40’s and 50’s and includes dances like rockabilly, jive, and boogie woogie. Learn a few styles and variations of rock ‘n’ roll dance to get you shake, rattling and rolling on the dance floor to your favourite early rock songs.