Oct 25: Ambidance Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn or just sample the other dance role? This is your chance. In this workshop, every dancer will learn both the lead and follow roles. Even if you are happy with your current preferred dance role this is a great opportunity to learn for an hour what the people you are dancing with are doing to help make the collective dance experience happen. This helps everyone’s dancing!

Level 1: No or minimal experience dancing the other role. This is a great way to get a bit of exposure to the other role.
Level 2: Some experience dancing both roles. You are familiar with the basic footwork and know a few simple patterns.

7:00PM Level 1 Ambidance
8:00PM Social Dancing
8:30PM Level 2 Ambidance

Cost: $12/lesson or $20 for both
Location: Sky Dragon Centre Studio (27 King William St., Hamilton)




Dec 3: The Flipside: Physical Theatre Workshop

Add a little something different to your movement repertoire by learning the basics of Mime. In The Flipside Series, dancers will learn a few fun fundamental of Mime performance followed by a lesson in Lindy Hop where they will directly apply the concepts and movements they learned in the previous class to enhance their overall dance and movement capabilities. Build on your Lindy Hop and come try something new!

Guest Instructor: Trevor Copp

Time: 2-5PM
Cost: $25
Location: Sky Dragon Centre Studio (27 King William St., Hamilton)