May 5: Learn the Shim Sham

The Shim Sham is a solo jazz line dance that is often danced at socials or performances and everyone is invited to join in. The more the merrier. You may have seen it at a dance and wanted to jump in or are still trying to figure out a few moves, so in this workshop we will show you the choreography, break down the moves, and offer a few stylizations you can try so you will be ready for the next social dance. Come learn the Shim Sham with us!

Instructor: Margot Smith

Time: 3-4PM

Cost: $15




June 2: Mini Solo Jazz Choreography

We thought it would be fun to put together another mini solo jazz choreography to an upbeat swingin’ tune. As a bonus, everyone will have the option of performing it as a group at the Friday night dance of The Flipside Workshop (June 7). No experience required, we will teach you the moves. Learn a short routine and share it with your friends and family at the dance. Come give it a try!

Instructor: Margot Smith

Time: 3-5PM

Cost: $30




Jun 7 – 9: The Flipside: Lindy Hop Workshop with Nick Williams

We have a really amazing weekend planned for you and it keeps getting better all the time. Register today!

– Two days of workshops
– Two tracks (4 hrs each)
– The Hamilton Vintage Ball

Guest Instructor: Nick Williams (swingnick.com)



6:30PM Intermediate Balboa
8:00PM Open Level Old Hollywood Solo Jazz
9:00 PM Dance Talk with Nick
9:30 PM DJ’d Social Dance

10:00 AM Team Manning
1:00 PM Team Miller
8:00 PM The Hamilton Vintage Ball

11:00 AM Team Manning
2:00 PM Team Miller


Team Manning: To join Team Manning you will be familiar with basic 6-count and 8-count patterns and swing outs. This track will focus on building up those fundamental skills which are the foundation of fun, confident social dancing.

Team Miller: To join Team Miller you will be comfortable with 6-count, 8-count, and charleston patterns and you use them interchangeably while social dancing. Your swing outs feel smooth and solid. This track will focus on using those great fundamental skills to challenge yourself with more complex connections and patterns.

Track Size: 15 Followers, 15 Leaders



One Track (4 hrs): $125
Both Tracks (8 hrs): $185

Workshop Only (2 hrs): $50
Observation Fee (2 hrs): $20

Optional Friday Add-ons
Intermediate Balboa (1h): $20
Open Level Old-Hollywood Solo Jazz (1h): $10

*Workshop registration includes The Hamilton Vintage Ball (Value: $45) and Friday social (Value: $10).
**Workshop Only registration will be based on availability closer to June 1.



Friday Balboa: Sky Dragon Centre Studio – 2nd Floor (27 King William Street, Hamilton, ON)
Friday Solo Jazz & Social: Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts (126 James Street S., Hamilton, ON)
Saturday Social: The Scottish Rite Club (4 Queen Street S., Hamilton, ON)
Workshops: The Ballroom (1043 King Street W., Hamilton, ON)