Apr 18: Beginner Aerials & Teacher Training with Scott Cupit

Join us for workshops with guest instructor Scott Cupit to learn high flying aerials and insider information on how he develops the Swing Patrol teaching team. We have an awesome day of top notch learning planned for you. Register today!


Reach new heights with our beginner aerials workshop and learn lifts and tricks characteristic to Lindy Hop. No experience required, however, dancers should know an 8-count swing out for dancing into the aerials. Dancers must sign up with a partner as we will not be rotating partners during the workshop. A Pair Pass includes one base and one flyer. Advanced registration is required and will not be available at the door. Get excited and come fly with us!

Guest Instructors: Scott Cupit & Arrianne O’Shea

Time: 1-4PM

Location: Westdale United Church (99 North Oval, Hamilton, ON)

Registration Fees
Pair Pass: $120
Observation Fee: $15

Early Registration (by Dec 31)
Pair Pass: $100

Things to remember…

Wear comfortable clothes that allow for free movement, free of belts or zippers that may catch, long sleeve shirts to avoid skin friction, sneakers with good support, and pants for flyers who will be going upside-down!

Water, snacks, deodorant, mints, band aids, spare shirts, and a small towel for the sweat! 🙂


Learn more about how to develop your dance classes to create the type of culture and environment you want as a teacher so your students get the best possible experience from the moment they walk in the door. No teaching experience required, however, dancers should have a basic understanding of Lindy Hop, feel comfortable dancing a swing out, and be prepared to dance as a part of the workshop. Bring any burning questions for Scott and let’s get learning!

Guest Instructor: Scott Cupit

Time: 10AM-12PM

Location: The Ballroom on King (1043 King St. W., Hamilton, ON)

Registration Fees
Pass: $30

Early Registration (by Dec 31)
Pass: $25


Jun 12 – 14: The Flipside: Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz Workshop with Carla Crowen

We have a really amazing weekend planned for you and it keeps getting better all the time. Save the date!

– Two days of workshops
– Two tracks (4 hrs each)
The Hamilton Vintage Ball

Guest Instructor: Carla Crowen


8:00 PM Dance Talk with Carla
9:00 PM DJ’d Social Dance

10:00 AM Team Miller
1:00 PM Team Manning
8:00 PM The Hamilton Vintage Ball

11:00 AM Team Miller
2:00 PM Team Manning


Team Miller (Solo Jazz): To join Team Miller you will be familiar with common solo jazz moves such as the ones danced in The Shim Sham. This track will focus on more complex vocabulary and sequences to build confidence dancing solo jazz and reflecting your personality in your movement.

Team Manning (Lindy Hop): To join Team Manning you will be comfortable with 6-count, 8-count, and charleston patterns and you use them interchangeably while social dancing. Your swing outs feel smooth and solid. This track will focus on using those great fundamental skills to challenge yourself with more complex connections and patterns.

Track Size: 15 Followers, 15 Leaders


Early Registration (before March 1)
One Track (4 hrs): $105
Both Tracks (8 hrs): $165

One Track (4 hrs): $125
Both Tracks (8 hrs): $185

*Workshop registration includes The Hamilton Vintage Ball (Value: $45) and Friday social (Value: $10).


Locations will be announced soon.