Sept 9 & 16: Learn the Tranky Doo

The Tranky Doo is solo jazz choreography often performed at social dances and community events. Like the Shim Sham it is usually danced so anyone can join in. It’s a great way to learn a few more solo jazz moves and add a new routine to your dance tool kit. We will teach you all the steps so you don’t need to know any jazz moves to participate in this workshop. We are holding this workshop over two days so you have time to get that good repetition in and feel confident in the routine. Everyone welcome!

Instructors: Eleanor Selinger & Clare Hopkins

Time: 2-4PM

Cost: $60


Sept 23: Balboa for Beginners

Balboa is a partnered swing dance that originated in California in the 1930s. In this workshop, we will share with you the awesomeness of balboa starting from the basics and quickly progressing to cover some of the social dance essentials. Balboa is a great dance on its own, but it will also help develop your partner skills and give you that extra something to pull from when you are out on the dance floor. Expand your horizons and give it a try, because we think you might just love it.

Instructor: Michael Huynh

Time: 2-4PM

Cost: $30


Oct 24: A Blues Workshop

Slow things down and drag it out for a blues dance. This dance evolved with blues music in America and embraces free expressive movement in both solo and partnered forms to a variety of tempos. If you start to sway when a blues song comes on, this is the dance for you. Blues dance will help you to dance to all types of music, and helps improve connection, partnering, musicality, and improvisation. This is an all levels workshop. We will start with the basics and progress to more challenging moves/concepts.

Instructor: Eric Zhang

Time: 7-9PM

Cost: $30