Oct 24: A Blues Workshop

Slow things down and drag it out for a blues dance. This dance evolved with blues music in America and embraces free expressive movement in both solo and partnered forms to a variety of tempos. If you start to sway when a blues song comes on, this is the dance for you. Blues dance will help you to dance to all types of music, and helps improve connection, partnering, musicality, and improvisation. This is an all levels workshop. We will start with the basics and progress to more challenging moves/concepts.

Instructor: Eric Zhang

Time: 7-9PM

Cost: $30




Nov 4: Learn the Shim Sham

The Shim Sham is a line dance created by Frankie Manning and is often performed at swing dances all over the world. Everyone is welcome to jump in! Come learn the moves and the routine in detail with a few fun variations to jazz it up with your own personal style. If you have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for a time to jump in now is your chance!

Instructor: Eleanor Selinger & Clare Hopkins

Time: 2-4PM

Cost: $30




Nov 18: Tap for Beginners

Brush up on some fancy footwork with a tap workshop. Tap dance is a highly complimentary skill set to enhance your Lindy Hop. We will start from scratch covering tap basic steps and putting them into combinations you can use to practice or inspire swing dance variations. No tap shoes required. Shuffle on over to learn tap steps and build on your footwork coordination.

Instructor: Lisa Cardinali

Time: 2-3:15PM

Cost: $18




Dec 2: Collegiate Shag Sampler

We’re going for it! Collegiate shag is a fun high energy partnered dance built for speed. Whether you are new to swing dance or a seasoned lindy hopper collegiate shag will add that extra hop and skip to your step. In this series we will give you the fundamental skills you need to collegiate shag your way through an awesome social dance. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at this demo and see for yourself.

Instructor: Margot Smith

Time: 2-4PM

Cost: $30